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Inspiring Innovation to make Change in the  World

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Welcome to the official website of Chris Henderson, a pioneering entrepreneur, committed researcher, and seasoned expert in web design and digital marketing. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Chris is a strategic thinker and innovative digital marketing strategist who is dedicated to making a positive impact through his expertise. As the Founder and CEO of Annuit Coeptis Consulting Firm, Chris plays a crucial role in assisting individuals to cleanse their financial history and achieve their personal and business financial objectives. He specializes in assisting his clients through the process of securing business funding from venture capitalists and lending institutions, aiding his clients in acquiring or launching their own ventures.


In addition to his professional endeavors, Chris is deeply committed to his community, spending his free time donating and volunteering with the Salvation Army to feed the homeless population in Downtown Phoenix.

Content Strategy

Website Development 

Funnel Creation Data Collecting   


SEO Business Consulting 

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I advise companies and help build a digital presence

Client Collaborations

Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clients and organizations. Each collaboration has been a valuable opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and make a difference.

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